Academic and Policy Paper Writing 2

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Course Description: 

Course Outline:

Session 1

Date:    TBA

Aims:    To reflect on CEU requirements and departmental guidelines for writing the thesis.

To suggest possible features for the thesis outline.

To revisit the thesis proposal and discuss how it could be extended into a working outline for the thesis.

To address time-management issues and plan a work schedule for the research and drafting of the thesis¾considering key milestones, challenges and deliverables.


Session 2

Date:    TBA

Aims:    To survey theses previously submitted to the department and to identify and analyze effective features.

To consider issues related to logic, clarity and cohesion within previously submitted theses.

To identify possible structure for the thesis.

To consider ways to incorporate the work of others in to one’s own writing.


Session 3

Date:    TBA

Aims:    To provide and receive peer feedback on first draft of the outline.

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of peer drafts and to suggest possible ways to improve them.

Learning Outcomes: 

The aim of the course is to help you plan your thesis outline and, ultimately, your thesis with focus on issues related to structure, logic, clarity, coherence and cohesion. Before the end of this 3-session course, you will have had a chance to revisit your thesis proposal and refine your research question and working title, to identify possible structure for the thesis, to consider ways to effectively incorporate the work of other authors in your writing, to identify and analyze effective writing features in theses previously submitted to the department, and to receive peer feedback on your thesis outline draft.


The course is for Pass/Fail and the three sessions are mandatory for all students. Assessment is based on attendance and mandatory consultations on the thesis outline and a chapter of the thesis before submission to the department. Writing consultation deadlines will be in accordance with departmental deadlines indicated in the Thesis Calendar AY17/18. Beyond the two mandatory consultations, students are free to come to CAW for voluntary writing consultations any time during the academic year.