Academic Writing for Cognitive Scientists

Course Description: 

This course aims at improving oral and written presentation skills that are vital for Cognitive Scientists. How does one write an abstract, a methods section, or a results section for an empirical paper? How can experimental results be presented most effectively? What are good strategies for dealing with reviewers’ comments when revising a paper? How does one write a review? What is important to keep in mind when writing a research proposal? What makes for a good oral presentation? Course participants will learn about all of these and many more aspects of exposition through hands-on experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will

•           know the basics of writing an empirical paper

•           know what to look out for when writing a research proposal

•           know how to best visualize empirical results or predictions

•           be familiar with the publishing process

•           have gained practice in preparing a poster

•           have gained insight into how to improve their oral presentation skills


for Grade.

Course Requirements: completion of writing assignments; presentation of posters and talks; regular attendance; participation in discussion

Grading: Performance onassignments (oral and written) will determine grades (all assignments have equal weight, grade 100% based on assignments); Grading criteria: 1) clarity of the structure (this includes order and prioritizing of information, logical flow, proper use of paragraphs in text/visual arrangement in presentations), 2) accuracy and completeness of the reported information, and 3) writing/presentation style (command of grammar; effective, non-redundant communication). These three grading criteria have equal weight.