Accounting (full-time)

Course Description: 

*elective for MSc in Technology Management and Innovation

The course will focus on the use of current reporting and accounting concepts in international business. We will discuss how accounting information can be interpreted and used in managerial decision-making and students will get an overview of financial decision-making.


Financial reporting is a topical issue in current years especially since abuses and irregularities have highlighted its critical importance in organisational transparency. It has a major impact on the proper and appropriate functioning of the economy. Recent years have seen trends in its globalisation. It has sparked vibrant debates on best practices and on the practicalities and possibility of using global accounting standards.


Financial reporting constitutes the basis of economic decision-making, hence its importance cannot be underestimated. It is widely perceived to be regulated and meant to follow the rules. We will discuss how possible is the mechanistic application of rules and what are the implications for corporate behaviour and for investor decisions.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to consider diverse viewpoints in financial reporting systems, principles and practices worldwide and will be able to assess the usefulness of financial reporting for a wide variety of users.

Students will be able to interpret financial information, both from an external and an internal user point of view, and will be able to assess the usefulness and reliability of available financial information sources.

Students will learn how to express their own viewpoints and reconcile these with others’ and the existing practices in financial reporting and accounting practices. They are expected to take personal responsibility for cases and assignments and to express, support and defend their own viewpoints.

Accounting and financial reporting are part of a major system, both inside and outside the specific organisation.  Students will be able to think in terms of the capabilities and limitations of accounting systems and use the information produced by these systems for strategic decision-making. 

During class and assignments, students will be expected to cooperate and work in teams. This presupposes being able to find and accept team roles and to deliver a timely and efficient product which all team members contributed to.


Measure                                                                     Relative weight                 

Home assignments and participation                          40%  

Exam I                                                                          30%

Exam II                                                                         30%



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