Advanced Academic Writing Seminar for Gender PhD Students

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Course Description: 

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide students from the 2nd year of their studies onwards with the skills necessary for completing a successful Gender dissertation in a timely fashion and to help students develop writing skills that they can use after the completion of their studies. 

Learning Outcomes: 

After participating in class discussions and completing their assignments, students will be able to:

  • Plan and manage their research more smoothly
  • Anticipate possible obstacles in the writing process
  • Refine their Title, Abstract and Table of Contents
  • Critically reflect on their own and others’ writing and provide constructive criticism on their peers’ dissertation projects
  • Produce and maintain their Rolling Synopsis
  • Structure their whole dissertation and individual chapters in a logical and coherent manner
  • Write a coherent Dissertation Chapter
  • Produce clear and concise texts

This course is for pass/fail and yields a total of 2 credits as a PhD elective in the Gender Studies program upon its completion. To receive a pass, students are required to attend sessions, complete and submit home assignments, participate in writing groups, work on drafts of their chapters and attend 2-3 consultations with their course instructor. During the course students are expected to complete tasks designed to help them improve their text and at the end of the course submit a fully revised version of it to their supervisors. In order to receive individual help, students are required to attend 2-3 consultations with their course instructor on their papers and make changes to their texts based on the outcomes of the consultations.