Banking IT and Fintech: Bank to the Future

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Course Description: 

Banks today are primarily IT companies, at least from an operational perspective. Many of the leading European banks has been developing their IT infrastructure/applications over decades and most of them struggle with the underlying complexity and cost. Increasing demand from customers for digitization, novel technologies and the push towards increased cost-efficiency does not make COOs and CIOs life easy.

This module introduces students to the various dimensions of banking IT operating model: infrastructure, application and data landscape, organization, business-IT interface, and key IT processes as well as the major challenges arising from the technology native FinTech world.

In the process, you will gain critical new insight into the operational problems that today’s banks face and what are the typical responses to those. To highlight the practical relevance of the module materials, we will discuss case examples throughout the module.

Understanding the problems covered in the module will be helpful to everyone seeking a career in banking, on either the business/analytics or the operations /IT side.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will become familiar with the key components of banking IT hardware and software infrastructure, big data/advanced analytics use cases and IT governance and organization challenges. Furthermore, they gain insight in which way and in which part of the value chain the FinTechs are challenging the incumbents, and/or how they can cooperate with established banks. From our guest speaker they can learn the bumpy road of building a FinTech in Hungary.

The course is primarily teamwork based. The students will improve their innovative thinking and presentation skills, participating in an agile masterclass, and practice their fine motor skills by working with Lego bricks.


Final exam (group case solution)                                                           50 points

Class presentation                                                                                    25 points

Class participation                                                                                    25 points

Maximum total                                                                                       100 points


Final exam (group case solution)

The exam will be 2-2.5 hour long, and it will be the last module of the course (on 9th December 2017). Students, working in groups are required to submit 4-5 slides summary findings based on a complex case study, utilizing the topics covered during the course. Furthermore, they have to present their major findings in five minutes to the instructor.


Class presentation

In the first seminar, we form case-teams, each with 3-4 students. Each team will have a chance to present at least two assignments and facilitate the class discussion about their findings.


Class participation

Individual grades are also dependent on the activity of the students’, how actively they contribute to the class discussions and/or taking their fair share from the group exercises.


Basic understanding of banking business and generic IT terminology.

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