Business Economics

Course Description: 

Type: core for MA in Global Economic Relations ( Full & Part Time), MSc in Finance  Full Time

elective for: MSc in Finance ( Part Time) , MSc in Technology Management and Innovation ( Part Time)

This course teaches the fundamentals of microeconomics – individual optimization, firm
profit maximization, and market equilibrium – by applying them to different settings. These
settings will become increasingly more complex, as we add uncertainty, strategic concerns,
information asymmetry, imperfect competition, externalities, and many more. All of this will
be done by solving problems: exercises to test understanding; more advanced problems to
estimate important parameters, such as elasticities; as well as in-depth analyses of topics
chosen by students from their own experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course, students should have developed an intuitive understanding of the
fundamental tools of microeconomics, be able to apply them quantitatively in their day-today
life – at work or at home – including to some extent when and why these methods may not be useful.


Quizzes and “Exam” (big in-class quiz): 40%
Economic Naturalist assignments: 40%
Attendance: 10%
Classroom participation and activities: 15%



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