Consultative Selling and Negotiations

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Course Description: 

This is a basic course in the theories and practice of negotiation. The objective of the course is to show the essence of Consultative Selling and Negotiations by presenting the main topics of negotiations escorted by role play activities where the participants can get a feeling of real life situations during personal and/or team negotiations. The stress is on practical exercises in planning and negotiating. Students will discuss and practice a variety of negotiation and planning techniques in a workshop setting. The techniques discussed are useful in both commercial and non-commercial negotiations.

Learning Outcomes: 

Core Learning Area

Learning Outcome

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Separate issues from personalities.

“Read” the concerns of the other parties to a negotiation.

Technology Skills


Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

Predict and account for culture-dependent issues in negotiation.

Quantitative Reasoning


Students will be able to calculate a reservation point.

Critical Thinking

Reasonable and reflecting thinking focused on proper decision making and action taking.

Ethics and Responsibility

Identify negotiated solutions and compromises based on fairness.

Management Knowledge and Skills

Place negotiation in the context of managing long-term business relationships.


Due to the nature of the course and the expected high number of participants the grading will be Pass / Fail.

In order to pass the participant should be present on all four sections of the workshop (evidence: sign-up sheet). Also students should actively participate during the class.

Class activities include:

•           Evidence of preparation,

•           Contributions to class discussion,

•           Bringing real life examples, based on own working experience,

•           Active participation in role play scenarios

These points are necessarily subjective by nature. The instructor will do his best to be as fair as possible but this grading element is not open for discussions.

Academic Integrity

The Instructor expects all students to adhere to the fundamental principles of academic integrity in any and all behaviours associated with their course work and otherwise, as stated in the CEU Honor Code (see Student Handbook). Attempted cheating of all forms is treated extremely seriously and can result in dismissal from the University.


No prerequisites.

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