Digital Marketing

Course Description: 

We will discover the latest digital trends, tools, and techniques that help companies in brand development and turning brand values to actual sales. Students will have the chance to follow real life examples from integrating digital methods into marketing plans through the campaign management to the evaluation of the results.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will learn how to use the digital tools (Google Adwords, social media, SEO) in marketing. They will practice creating and evaluating online campaigns.


Element of Assessment

Contribution to Final Grade

Active participation


Group presentations

20 points

40 points

40 points


100 points

  • Class Participation: Be there, listen, react, ask relevant questions, challenge, argue, express your opinion, share examples. Don’t shout, interrupt, use mobile equipment, be off topic.
  • Homework: participants will write a short essay on a given topic (announced on Moodle).
  • Group presentation. Students have to show that they have understood the concepts of digital marketing and they can apply them. So groups will choose a product (specified by the instructor) and prepare a digital marketing plan and execution level creative elements.

There are no prerequisites, but some basic marketing knowledge might be helpful. The recommended reading is: Principals of Marketing (Kotler-Armstrong).

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