The Doctoral Dissertation (Research and Writing I-II., Finalization)

Academic Year: 
Course Code: 
ENVS 7921, ENVS 8108, ENVS 8012
Course Description: 

The final stage of the Doctoral Program is the production of a dissertation which presents in detail the student’s research work and contribution. The exact format of the dissertation will depend upon the subject area and requirements of the research.  The length of the dissertation varies, but it is generally recommended that the dissertation not exceed 80,000 words (including tables, graphs and footnotes; excluding bibliography and appendices) and should follow the CEU Doctoral Regulations.*

2nd year Winter
ENVS 7921 - 18 credits Dissertation Research&Writing 

3rd year Fall
ENVS 8108 - 9 credits Dissertation Research&Writing 
ENVS 8012 - 9 credits Dissertation Finalization 

*1st year - see separately
(ENVS 6002 - 2 credits, Dissertation Research Preliminary Proposal and Theory and Methods Study Plan; 
ENVS 6106 - 2 credits, Literature Review; ENVS 6107 - 4 credits, Dissertation Prospectus Preparation) 

Learning Outcomes: 

To demonstrate doctoral level research and analytical abilities.


According to the CEU Doctoral Regulations, to satisfy the degree requirements, the dissertation must make a significant and original contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the subject and must demonstrate the capacity of the candidate to carry out independent quality research. Whether the dissertation is defended in an oral or written defense, two members of the Dissertation Committee are asked to indicate in writing whether:

- the dissertation makes a significant contribution to the knowledge and to the understanding of the subject with which it deals;

- the dissertation demonstrates the candidates’ capacity to carry out quality independent research;

- the dissertation contains material worthy for publication; and

- knowledge of the state of the art in the specific subject.