Ecological Economics - Not offered in AY 2022-23

Undergraduate Program Status

Environmental Sciences - Specialization
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Students on-site
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Course Description: 

The main goal of the course that students will be able to understand current environmental challenges from a socio-ecological economic perspective, and discuss policy options against the background of different environmental goals, including safety, efficiency, sustainability, and justice.

Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of this course, students will be familiar with the key concepts, methods, and state-of-the-art research in the field of Ecological Economics. Moreover, they will learn about available data and empirical methods to start their own research projects on selected topics such as global resource use and supply chains, climate change and environmental justice, ecological macroeconomics, and decoupling assessments.

  1. Discussion questions (30%): Discussion questions on the readings are due 24 hours before the beginning of each class (300-400 words per question, to be submitted via moodle). All in all, there will be 12 discussion questions, students can get up to 2.5 points per discussion question.
  2. Quizzes (10%): Starting in class 2, at the beginning of each class there will be a short quiz to review the readings and discussions of the previous class. All in all there will be 5 quizzes, students can get up to 2 points per quiz.
  3. Class participation (30%): Students can get up to 5 points per class for active class participation. For full participation points, students should actively participate in both sections of each class, and demonstrate that they did the required readings.
  4. Take home final exam (30%): The take home exam will be handed out in the final class and shall be submitted to one week after the final class.