Economic Policy and Global Business Strategy - Not offered in AY 2022-23

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Students on-site
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This course seeks to explore the core relationship economic policymakers, the private sector, and broader stakeholders with an engagement in economic policy around the world. As a backdrop to the concepts the course examines the historical evolution of the relationship between governments and the private sector and describes their respective public policy contexts. The course also looks at how firms have shaped political and economic outcomes in developed and developing countries. Throughout the course there is a central theme of how regulation and economic policy affects businesses and what strategies and tactics firms pursue to anticipate and respond to economic policymakers at a national and global level.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course, participants will gain an understanding and appreciation of: The symbiotic relationship between public policy and corporate strategy, How public policy makers must consider and reflect competing perspectives from business in their development of public policy, How firm strategies towards political, regulatory, and associated processes may or may not lead to a better design of regulation. How business strategies are adjusted in anticipation of and response to public policy initiatives including specific tools used by firms in this process, The specificities of international policy-making settings such as the EU and WTO, How some of the world’s major public policy decisions were made and the role of firms in these processes