The Economics of Underdevelopment

Course Description: 

The course is designed to give a thorough but intuitive overview of the main causes and consequences of underdevelopment in the global economy. The focus will be on country-level analysis, but inequality within countries will also be discussed. Students will be exposed to the role of technology, human capital, openness, political factors and institutions in explaining underdevelopment. We will explore successful and failed policies in the context of development, and students are expected to contribute actively in debating these issues.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Students understand the main theories of underdevelopment.
  • They are able to critically evaluate policies that help or hinder economic growth.
  • They are able to locate and use data sources related to economic development.
  • They can formulate specific policy proposals for individual countries.

Assessment for the 2-credit course is through a final exam (50%), a home assignment (40%) and student participation (10%).


Intermediate Micro- and Macroeconomics

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