Energy Innovations Lab

Course Description: 

This course provides the opportunity for students to experience the intersection of the policy and business worlds. Students will work on specific projects to enhance their practical skills in the world of business and governance.The topics chosen provide students with the chance to contribute to the policy making arenas through analysis and interviews with key stakeholders. This energy lab provides an opportunity for students to work with businesses, organizations or on real-world projects within CEU. The energy lab is an extension of two courses focused on EU policy and business environments: Energy Markets and Innovation Policies and Energy Policies and Strategic Management. One of these courses is a perquisite that runs in parallel to the energy lab. The purpose of the lab is to expose students to real-world issues, strategies and policy environments that businesses and organizations operate within.  

The aims are:

  • Learn how to assess policy making process at both the national and EU level
  • Evaluate the national business environment in relation to the energy sector
  • Develop business plans and models focused on the energy sector
  • Cross-disciplinary approach to education and how multiple perspectives join in the policy and business realm
  • Work with an external organization, company or on a real-world project within CEU


Learning Outcomes: 
  • Research and analysis skills. Greater ability to conduct research, organize data and analyze potential business or policy approaches.
  • Communicate within project teams and with external audience research and analysis, including the process.
  • 50% individual project
  • 20% group project
  • 5% final presentation
  • In-class mini-assignments(5 x 5%= 25% of final grade