Environmental Advocacy

Course Description: 

Environmental Advocacy prepares the theoretical, conceptual, and research-based groundwork for exploring environmental communication (and social marketing, to some extent) to effectuate awareness and/or behavioural change, and the relationship (or lack thereof) between the two.  As all major institutions and campaigns engage communication strategies to address specific issues and achieve certain goals, we can take this opportunity to create our own environmental communication strategies to gain a richer sense of the assumptions and workings behind such strategies and their implications while garnering valuable, transferable skills in effective environmental communication. 




Learning Outcomes: 

With commitment to learning in the course, you will:

1) Know and understand:

  • Tensions within the field of environmental communication.
  • A theoretical, conceptual, and analytical framework for effective environmental communication. 
  • Opportunities and challenges of promoting change through environmental communication based on theory, research, and praxis.
  • Self-reflective approach to collaborative teamwork.

2) Strengthen your intellectual skills in:

  • Analytical approaches: engagement of theories, concepts, and research.
  • Application of multi-layered frameworks to real-life contexts and problems.

3) Have practical and transferable skills in:

  • Collaborative teamwork skills in project design (Environmental Advocacy) and implementation (Environmental Advocacy Practicum).
  • Communication strategy design (Environmental Advocacy) and implementation (Environmental Advocacy Practicum.

Strategy Milestone: Assert a clear issue (i.e., problem): 20%

Strategy Milestone: Assert the goal: 15%

In-class Exercise on Framing: 20%

Teamwork: 20%

Environmental Communication Strategy: 25%