Gender, Labor Markets, Neoliberalisms

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Students on-site
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GENS 5121
Course Description: 

Relying on literature primarily from the social sciences, this course examines gender relations embedded and manifested in various aspects of paid, unpaid, formal and informal work in today’s global, “neoliberal” economy.  We will explore the gendered character of the concept of work, the worker, the organization of the career track, and the workplace, as well as the division of labor on both micro and macro levels, the relationship between various aspects of work and the gendered preconditions and consequences of “economic development” and “neoliberalism” in East and West. A research paper is required in this course so we will also discuss research methods to be used to study gender, work and the gendered workplace.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course you will have developed…

  • an understanding of the basic concepts in the field of gender and work;
  • your critical reading skills;
  • your ability to summarize and synthesize scholarly theories and apply them to empirical problems;
  • your research skills, including ability to formulate research questions, design a project that would answer them, carry out some social science research and write up the results.
  • Active class participation (approx. 20%)
  • Three one-page reaction papers distributed equally during the term. (30%)
  • Submission of research paper plans and individual discussion (no grade)
  • Individual research paper based on 3-4 in-depth interviews (50% of grade),

 A reaction paper is a maximum one-page essay, which contains a brief summary of the readings – a synthesis if more than one reading is assigned-  as well as your critical comments, ideas and reflections about it.  Reaction papers are due in hard copy format in class.  No late reaction papers please, no emails either.

The research paper will be based on a set of in-depth interviews (about 3-5) on a topic of your choice related to the class material.  It should be about 10-15 double spaced pages.  This is a social science exercise, you will write an empirically based research paper, not an essay, not a literature review, not a purely theoretical piece (not that those are not fun to read, only this is not the point here.)  I will give you guidance as we go along.