Gender, Race, Class: Global Inequalities - Not offered in AY 2022-23

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Students on-site
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Course Description: 

This course examines the links between gender, race, and class in the era of global capitalism. Through the semester, students will critically explore the intersected racialized and gendered manifestations of capitalism at the global and local level. The course explores how dominant economic and political rationalities of neoliberalism have constructed through particular gendered and racialized discourses and social practices that effects various groups such as Roma in Europe.

Through the semester students will critically explore the dynamic of global inequality and process of social change through a variety of topics; such as gendered division of labor, politics of racialized and gendered body, politics of production and reproduction, etc. One of the central themes of the course is how the notion of “disposable third world women” has been emerged by global capitalism and reproduced in the heart of the “first world”. What are the major forces which shape these women’s life trajectories? What are the links between gendered and racialized discourses, markets, ideologies and institutions that shape women’s work and subjectivities in their politics of locations?

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Engage in a critical dialogue and reflection based on the assigned texts, articles and book chapters
  2. Participate actively in discussions, based on class readings
  3. Appreciate places, peoples and cultures of various world regions and understand different social perspectives based on various readings
  4. Think critically about gender, racial and social inequality
  5. Participate in collective learning practices
  6. Articulate ideas verbally and support them with evidence
  7. Write critically and thoughtfully: this includes understanding the purpose and practice of proper citation, and the ability to develop an argument that integrates evidence and analysis.

The final grade will depend upon the following criteria for both oral and written contributions:

  1. Active Participation: 15%. Attendance at every class, evidence of thorough and careful reading, and engaged participation in discussions.
  2. Reading Diaries: 15 %.Students need to prepare a reading diary (3 key points from the author(s) of the weekly assigned article (s)/book chapter(s,) 3 questions what student would like to raise in class, 3 points for student’s argument based on the article) for each class based on the required reading materials. Student’s “Reading Diaries” should be posted before the class session on the Sakai/Forum.
  3. Midterm: 20%.Take-home exam.
  4. Research and Group presentation: 15%. Students will be asked to formulate groups on various topics which relate to global capitalism, neoliberalism, gender and racial politics. They have to research and prepare an interactive and engaging group presentation on the specific assigned topic.
  5. Individual final paper: 35%. A 10-15 page paper (double spaced) on a specific course related topic that is approved by the instructor. This individual paper is expected to be a synthesis of the intellectual work accomplished during the semester. Proper citation and full bibliographical references are required.