Global Economic Inequalities

Course Description: 

In this course, we will examine long-term trends in global economic inequalities between and within countries, and we will engage with the most important controversies about the measurement and interpretation of inequality. In the first part of the course, major theoretical approaches to global inequality will be introduced and discussed against the backdrop of macro-level aggregate data.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course students will be able to:
1) discuss and critically assess the most important theoretical approaches to issues of international distributive justice
2) identify key trends of inequality development between and within countries
3) engage with major debates about the relationship between globalization and economic inequalities


1. Attendance and active participation in class discussions (20 % of final grade).
2. Seminar presentation (15 % of final grade)
3. Summary and critique of readings (25 % of final grade)
4. Final essay (40% of final grade).

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