Ideas in IPE: The Case of (Economic) Nationalism

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INTR 5050
Course Description: 

The study of ‘ideas’ and ‘culture’ has proliferated in recent years in the field of international political economy, and, alongside, fundamental questions have been raised: What are the epistemological properties of ideas? How can we explain their emergence and disappearance? What is the relationship between ideas and economic interests? How salient are ideas to explain economic policy outcomes?
The course aims to introduce students to these questions by combining a general survey of literatures concerned with the conceptual foundation of ideational analysis in IPE and beyond, and a more focused analysis of one specific example, i.e. (economic) nationalism.

Learning Outcomes: 

Through engagement with these debates, students will gain a better understanding of the meanings and controversies associated with the study of ideas in IPE. By the end of the course students will be able to:
1) identify and critically assess different theoretical approaches to the study of ideas in IPE
2) identify and critically assess the most important theoretical approaches to the study of (economic) nationalism
3) develop a critical understanding of how economic nationalism is expressed in different realms of economic life


1. Attendance and active participation (20 %)
2. Presentation (20 %)
3. Two short essays on course readings (one each from part I and II, together 30 %)
4. Final paper (30 %)

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