Illiberal Capitalism

Course Description: 

In this course of comparative political economy we address why globalization has not lead to unification along US/UK lines, as postulated by most of the IR literature. We first address how economic systems evolve, then go through a series of case studies presenting the east Asian, Latin American, African and east European brands. Finally we ask why the trend towards illiberal capitalism survives and how it impacts the multilateral trading and financial system.

Learning Outcomes: 



The final grade is composed of several items. Midterm and final quiz must not be missed, these account for 35 pc each. Seminar presentation 20 pc, active and regular participation in class 10 pc. If you want to obtain a better grade than your average, you may volunteer for a book review, to be completed in conformity with CEU academic and ethical standards. You can choose either from recommended readings, or one of your own preferences, approved in advance by the instructor. Submission deadline is 3 April, Tuesday 18 hrs at latest, online. 

Notes: all assignments, including appeals and add-on works, must be done by end of the semester, 11 April 2018, Wednesday.


Background in economics is a plus, but by no means a precondition, for taking this class.

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