Introductory Academic Writing (2YMA Medieval Studies Students)

Course Description: 

The aim of this course is to help you develop as a writer within the English speaking academic community by raising awareness of, practicing, and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts. In addition to addressing issues related to academic writing, the course will also focus on the other skills you will need to complete your graduate level work in English.
During the course, you will: become more familiar with the genres of and enhance the skills related to evaluative and research-based writing; acquire an awareness of and ability to use effectively the discourse patterns of academic English; improve your critical reading skills; have the opportunity to develop your writing process through generating ideas, drafting, peer evaluation and individual writing consultations; learn to take into consideration the expectations of your readership with regard to academic English discourse conventions; learn to incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing within the requirements of English academic practice; develop your revising and editing skills; gain confidence in expressing yourself in both spoken and written English, through in-class writing and speaking, homework and consultations.

Pre-Reading Assignments
Most of the reading and in-class materials you need for this course are included in the first section of the Reader. These include a number of reading assignments in preparation for the classes. It is important that you complete the assigned reading before each class because it contains essential information that will be needed in that lesson. Other materials needed for the course will be handed out in class or you will be asked to read them in the library or online. The material will mostly be discipline-specific texts, which you will analyze to get further insight into the specific aspect being addressed in that class.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • identify the typical purposes, components and features of various genres in the discipline.
  • structure an academic paper at the macro and micro level.
  • understand the importance of critical reading.
  • think and write more clearly and incisively.
  • have a variety of skills and approaches to draw upon when writing academic papers.
  • target the various audiences academics write for, and understand the expectations of these audiences.
  • properly incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing.
  • understand the CEU policy towards plagiarism.
  • edit and refine your own written work.

Attendance is mandatory. As this is a seminar, you will be expected to fully contribute to each session. During the first semester you will be required to consult with your instructor at least once on two different pieces of writing: (1) a critique that you will begin working on during the pre-session; and (2) a paper you have to submit for a departmental course. We provide extensive qualitative comments during consultation, which are intended to help you in improving your writing. In addition to these two mandatory consultations, you may consult with us as often as you wish on other assignments, up to and including your thesis. As academic writing is a required support course to help you with other courses, it is graded PASS/FAIL and so will not affect your GPA.