Just Data

Course Description: 

This is a University-wide Course and it is open to all CEU students.

Big Data is all around us – facebook users, records on citizens, the network of neurons in the brain, routes of migrants, impact of publications. The Data itself is neither good or evil, however, it can be used for either purposes. The availability and analysis of big data opens up enormous opportunities for research, but is not without serious dangers. The course explores the amazing potential and the dark side of Big Data.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the Social Justice aspects of Big Data, including its dark side, like collecting and misusing data, and many good practices.


Grading: To get credit, each student

  • should write a 4-6 pages long case study on a topic related to one of the four themes below of the course (consultation on Academic Writing and on the Topic is provided) (60% of the final grade)
  • should complete one data collecting assignment and be active part of one group presentation on Ethics (consultation is provided for both) (20-20% of the final grade)


File attachments: