Organizational Behavior

Course Description: 

The field of Organization Science encompasses Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory. This course provides a comprehensive analysis of individual and group behavior in organizations. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of how organizations can be managed more effectively and at the same time enhance the quality of employees work life as well as productivity and integrity.

The role of this course is to help you obtain insight into and understanding of some of the content of the field of Organizational Behavior and their implications for the culture of the organization by focusing on current research data in the subfields of OB.

Learning Outcomes: 



Interpersonal  Communication Skills

Students will be required to explain and interpret their viewpoints in a critical personal environment.

Technology Skills

Students will hone their skills in making professional oral presentations

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

Students will have increased understanding and acceptance of ethical and integrity- related standpoints in ethical decision-making processes.     

Quantitative Reasoning

In addition to qualitative case analyses, quantitative tools will be introduced to analyze cross-cultural data.

Critical Thinking

Students will be encouraged to question the applicability of theoretical models in particular with reference to ethical dilemmas, personal and organizational integrity questions.

Ethics and Responsibility

Students will be motivated to consider the ethical limitations of management in particular when dealing with lack of integrity.

Management Knowledge and Skills

The course will develop a number of theoretical models dealing with the different aspects of the behavior of organizations.


Presentation of core readings (30%)

Students will present, during the course, 2 academic articles each that deals with current research topics in OB with particular accent on their personal research interests. The readings will be selected from a list proposed by the instructor in the first day of lectures.


Individual writing assignment (70%)

Each student will, at the end of the course, develop a case study (length: about 12 pages, figures and tabs excluded) in which he/she will focus on one aspect of OB. The theme of the assignment needs to be discussed in advance with the instructor.

Students are required to discuss the selected topic with the teacher before the submission deadline. The final deadline for the submission is the class before the last session of the course.



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