The Political Economy of the European Union - Not offered in AY 2022-23

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This is an MA course, combining theory and policy, addressing the fundamentals of what remains of the EU after Brexit. It addresses the history, institutional evolution as well as the core policies of the changing structures of the European Union, focusing on those relating to money and decision making on Community spending. It analyzes the evolution of the major policy areas and institutions, with special emphasis on how crisis management in the decade since the Great Recession and the ensuing Brexit has changed the face of the EU, what reforms have taken place and what do these mean. We ask about the fundamentals: how does the EU and its policies perform against available theories to date.

Learning Outcomes: 

This is a course for motivated MA students, introducing major issues of European political economy. First: we provide a broad overview of those EU policies which matter for economic actors, and this in a dynamic perspective. Second: we aim to supply the relevant knowledge in a condensed manner. Thus we conduct an intensive and interactive learning procedure, combining lectures, individual processing of written materials, oral presentations and classroom debates. Written output is required for the same reason. Those finishing the class successfully should be able to have an idea about the major issues and be able to catch up in the future, if and when new problems/issues emerge


Regular and active participation in each of the classes and successful processing of the written materials are the preconditions for the grade. Besides regular attendance each participant – also those for audit - must make a seminar presentation. For an improved grade you also may volunteer to write up a 10 pages/1.5 space, 12 size/ long book review in a format, ideally publishable in an academic journal. The printout or electronic version must be submitted by 6 April, 2020, Monday, 18.hrs at latest. Those wishing a grade must also write two closed book quizzes, to be written at the times pre-announced in this schedule, checking facts and figures. Exam dates and deadlines are prefixed and nontransferable.



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