Quantitative Methods for Public Policy

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Mandatory for all Year 1 MPA, MAIPA, Mundus MAPP and One-year MAPP students

This course will introduce students to common quantitative research design and methods used for public policy analysis. Students will learn how to formulate practical research questions, find and construct appropriate datasets used for policy analysis, and use a variety of statistical tools to provide insight to important policy issues. Students will also learn how to use statistical software to manage and analyze various types of data. No prior knowledge of statistics is needed.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course students should be proficient in: 

  • Identifying and generating answerable research questions with direct policy implications
  • Using Stata to construct datasets and produce basic descriptive statistics
  • Using appropriate statistical analyses to answer specific research questions
  • Critically appraising quantitative research findings, and
  • Presenting analyses in a professional manner that is accessible to policy-makers.

Grades will have two components:

(1) Homework sets (50%): Homework will focus on practicing quantitative techniques learned in class.

There will be 5 homework sets each worth 10%. Deadlines and topics will be the following:

a. Homework 1 (descriptive stats), due 27 September 5pm

b. Homework 2 (probability and hypothesis testing), due 11 October 5pm

c. Homework 3 (T-test, anova), due 25 October 5pm 2

d. Homework 4 (Regression & Correlation) due 8 November 5pm e. Homework 5 (Multiple regression) due 29 November 5pm

(2) Bi-weekly quizzes (50%): Quizzes will be short, about 15 mins, multiple-choice tests of key concepts learnt in the previous classes.

There will be 5 quizzes each worth 10%, dates are in the detailed syllabus below.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large size of the class, there will be NO extensions granted for any of the homework sets. If you are ill and can provide medical documentation, the grade for the assessment missed will be incorporated into the weighting for the research paper.