Skills for Impact - Media Advocacy

Course Description: 

Skills for Impact Program, Elective module

The one and a half day media workshop is an introduction to media communication for (future) activists and professionals. It refutes common myths and false preconceptions about the media. It outlines the structure, length and content of press releases and press conferences, how to organise communication within an organisation, tips about TV interviews, ethical issues and methods to evaluate the success of your communication. In the second, more practical part of the workshop participants can practice what they have learnt. They break up into smaller groups which have to build a media campaign concept, write press release and give test TV interviews to a hypothetical evening news, played by our video/reporter crew. In the third, plenary part of the workshop we analyse the campaign plans, press releases and TV interviews together and discuss lessons learnt.

Learning Outcomes: 

Training participants will gain theoretical and practical skills enabling them to communicate with the mainstream media as individuals and as a team. 

By the end of the workshop, students will

               •              be able to work with professional media workers in an effective way

               •              be familiar with creating communication tools such as press releases, press conferences

               •              learn how to give television interviews through test interviews and avoid common mistake   


In the end of the media workshop the group will produce test press releases and give test interviews, all of these will be analysed together with the group. Students will have assessment sheets to give feedback on the course.