Adding a course is a simple process. Every year faculty and staff members should use the course hub to add new courses, or update old ones.

Information on the course hub intentionally includes only core information related to each course, with a target audience of general prospective students.

For the moment, the course listings on your departmental websites will continue to serve current and prospective student audiences and they should be updated per usual. In the future, the Courses hub will work in tandem with your department website courses -- as soon as your website is migrated to the new system.


Click here to Create Course Content Type

All CEU staff and faculty can login to the course hub ( with their Novell credentials. Staff wishing to have rights to create or edit courses (e.g., department coordinators) should contact the web team.

1) Go to "My account" to find all courses at or all courses you've created 

There are two effective ways to review courses. To see all currently published courses referenced to a program, visit the program page (overview: and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the course to access the edit tab.

There is also a course review tab that provides filters for all courses in the hub, both published and unpublished. Click on “my account” in the upper right, then “all courses at hub” tab.


2) Create Course by clicking on "Create Course" link

Current Course content type is straightforward and focused only on general prospective students. For this reason, some fields like semester, Academic year and others are not present. When your department adopts the new system, additional information fields (ie., module, region, max students, etc.) can easily be extended on your website.

Image and Publish buttons are presented on right side.

Start type Academic program title ( full list is ) and choose the program.

Unit websites are associated with the programs offered by the unit. To set a course to sync with your website, reference the appropriate program(s). There is no need to reference unit, so long as the program is referenced. Only reference unit if you prefer the course to not belong to any program but still sync to your website.

Enter the name of person. The system will autocomplete the names of people who have profiles at people.ceu,  if not - use this filed like link filed, URL part is optional

Fill in Learning Outcomes ( The Office of the Academic Secretary strongly recommends to use this field for all courses) and Full description

Use "Paste as a plain text" button 

Attachments and links

In case a course has been discontinued, please unpublish it.

If course is unpublished you see “Access denied” page, even if you are logged in as editor but not author of this unpublished node. Unpublished course is only accessible by its author.

Click directly to “Edit” link via “`All courses at hub” tab to modify/publish the course (see the image above)