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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Society
Program Description

The Data Science and Society program combines the study of human societies with a rigorous foundation in mathematics, statistics, computation, and data science. The program teaches the interdisciplinary skills necessary to extract scientific understanding from societal data and consists of comprehensive training in computational data analysis and mathematical modeling, as well as core theory and methods from sociology, economics, environmental science, and political science.

Students are eligible for an Austrian-accreidted BSc in Data Science and Society after three years, and a US-accredited BA in Data Science and Society after completing the fourth year.

Students will learn how to take advantage of the unprecedented quantity and level of detail of available information on human habits, health, communication, opinions, political and economic behavior in a manner that is built upon quantitative theory and methods while being directly integrated with the scholarship in the various areas of the social sciences.

The program includes mandatory modules on mathematics, programming and data analysis, and social sciences. After completing the mandatory modules, students must choose two of the five specialization tracks:

  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Data Science

Students will be expected to conduct interdisciplinary research as part of their thesis and capstone project in their chosen areas of specialization.

Admission is based on the individual qualities of each student. The program is looking for applicants with a high school education who can demonstrate strong quantitative skills, intellectual curiosity, and a proactive, problem-solving orientation. Interest in critical thinking, interdisciplinary perspectives, and global processes will be highly valued, as well as an interest in civic engagement.


  1. Academic records
  2. Proof of English proficiency
  3. Other supporting documents
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Application essay
  6. Letter of motivation
  7. Letter of recommendation
  8. CEU Application Form
  9. Application fee
  10. Finalist interviews

For details please visit the CEU Undergraduate Studies website.


Program level
Degree awarded
Program accreditation/registration
Program registered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)
Program accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Country of accreditation
United States
Type of degree
Standard Program duration
3-4 years
Start of the program
September 2021
US degree credits
Austrian degree ECTS credits