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Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Politics and Society
Program Description

Culture, Politics and Society (CPS) provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts-style curriculum updated for 21st-century challenges. Drawing from the best of the centuries-old liberal arts tradition, CPS shapes young people to be expansive and independent thinkers as future professionals and citizens. CPS invites students to connect their classroom experience to the most vital global contemporary challenges and to develop the critical skills needed to face those challenges. Designed for the generation which has come of age after the digital revolution, CPS offers a broad education for a society flooded with information and disinformation, and with technological transformations which continue to alter how we learn, communicate, relate to one another, and how we engage with the world.

Admission is based on the individual qualities of each student. The program is looking for applicants with a high school education who can demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a proactive and problem-solving orientation. Interest in critical thinking, interdisciplinary perspectives, and global processes will be highly valued, as well as an interest in civic engagement.


  1. Academic records

  2. Proof of English proficiency

  3. Other supporting documents

  4. Curriculum vitae

  5. Application essay

  6. Letter of motivation

  7. Letter of recommendation

  8. CEU Application Form

  9. Application fee

  10. Finalist interviews

For details please visit the CEU Undergraduate Studies website.


Program level
Degree awarded
Program accreditation/registration
Program registered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)
Program accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Country of accreditation
United States
Standard Program duration
3-4 years
Start of the program
September 2020
US degree credits
Austrian degree ECTS credits