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Master of Arts in Historical Studies (1 year)
Program Description

This research-oriented program is tailored to students who have already identified a research area that they are passionate about. Since the program is short and intense, it is best suited for students who have a clear idea for a thesis topic.

As an international faculty and student body, we strive to think about the past not only within but also across historical periods, world regions, national boundaries, and academic disciplines in order to avoid academic insularity and to keep in mind both the distinctiveness and interconnectedness of historical trajectories.

The program features two distinct tracks. Students can apply to:

1) History Track: the History track is characterized by breadth and variety. Students can choose courses from across the entire curriculum of the Department, exploring the past from antiquity to the present, while focusing their studies in the field of their interests and completing a project of original research.

2) Late Antique and Medieval Studies Track: this intensive, one-year track is ideal for candidates with a background in Late Antique and Medieval Studies. The curriculum delves deeply into interdisciplinary explorations of this era, encompassing, for example, politics, economics, society, culture, archaeology, philosophy, and art history.

For many students, the program serves as a steppingstone toward doctoral studies. Both tracks not only give the opportunity to specialize through an MA thesis but also provide research resources and equip students with essential skills, including source languages, digital humanities, publishing, etc.

Entry requirements

In addition to meeting the general CEU admissions requirements, applicants must provide:

  • Research proposal for the MA Thesis

A 500-word research proposal for the MA thesis which will be weighed heavily in the admissions decision. The topic is expected to fall within the broad thematic focus of the Department and should be delimited and set out with the greatest possible clarity. Previous work on the subject, familiarity with source materials, language skills, and other qualifications relevant to the proposed research should be indicated.

  • Statement of Purpose

A brief, supplementary statement of purpose that explains the applicant’s interest in the Department. Applicants can indicate which courses, professors, and research areas they see as especially relevant to their interests. Applicants who are considering pursuing one of the Specializations and Advanced Certificates offered by the university may also indicate this in the statement of purpose.

Note that the program will be offered by Central European University's new Department of Historical Studies, to be launched September 2024.

Program level
Degree awarded
Program accreditation/registration
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program subject to accreditation by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Country of accreditation
United States
Type of degree
Standard Program duration
1 year (10 months)
Start of the program
US degree credits
Austrian degree ECTS credits