Master of Arts in International Public Affairs

Program level: 
Degree awarded: 
Country of accreditation: 
United States
Program accreditation/registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Standard Program duration: 
2 years
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US degree credits: 
Austrian degree ECTS credits: 

Program Description

The MA in International Public Affairs (IPA) is an interdisciplinary degree with an international profile intended for students who aspire to work in international organizations, NGOs, public administration, or related fields such as journalism and academia.

International Public Affairs captures two dimensions of study: on the one hand, the international, which includes governance on the regional, global and transnational levels; and on the other hand, the public, which includes interaction among the government, private and the voluntary sector.  After the first term of compulsory courses in public policy, politics, economics, and international relations, IPA students must choose one of two specializations for the next three terms of their MA: (i) Democracy and Rule of Law or (ii) Policy and Governance. The final two terms of the second year are devoted to a mandatory thesis.

The MA in International Public Affairs is open to students with undergraduate degrees in social sciences, humanities, law and related subjects.

Overarching Goal of the Program

The overarching aim of the program is to provide students with a solid conceptual grounding in international dimensions of public affairs that will prepare them for their future roles as policy-makers, advisors, and analysts in government, international organizations and non-governmental organizations or in journalism, thinks tanks and academia. Through the courses included in the core curricula, the course is designed to give graduates a broad interdisciplinary base that draws on the disciplines of economics, international relations, politics and public policy.

Application Requirements

Applying to the Master of International Public Affairs (MIPA) requires a written application for the two-year MIPA program. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. In order to fulfill the CEU Admission Requirements please find further information and the application checklist here.

In addition to standard CEU requirements, applicants are asked to submit a Statement of Purpose that is specific to the two-year MIPA program. In 500 words please explain why you wish to pursue the two-year MIPA at CEU, and in particular, how you consider the "international public affairs" orientation of the program will benefit your future professional or research career.  The statement of purpose should also describe the applicant's previous studies and/or research undertaken that has lead them towards developing an interest in the Master of International Public Affairs.

Learning Outcomes

Students on this program will gain

  • a systematic understanding of theories, concepts and principles behind "international public affairs";
  • full appreciation of "international public affairs" at all levels of governance;
  • an understanding of, and capability to work with, the core research methods of economics, international relations, politics and public policy;
  • outstanding interdisciplinary skills across economics, international relations, politics and public policy;
  • an ability to navigate disciplinary boundaries and work with interdisciplinary research including a strong humanities/history component.