Master of Science in Business Analytics

Program level: 
Degree awarded: 
Country of accreditation: 
United States
Program accreditation/registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program registered as a non-degree post-graduate specialization program by the Hungarian Educational Authority (HEA)
Program subject to accreditation by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Program length: 
10 months (full- and part-time)
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US degree credits: 
Austrian degree ECTS credits: 
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Program Description

Please note that no new students are presently being enrolled into Hungarian-registered version of the program.

In a data-rich world, firms manage data as a strategic asset to improve decision-making. Learn to analyze and act upon insights from data. Understand how data analytics can drive business value. Study full-time as a graduate or career changer, or keep your career and study part-time.

Create Business Value from Big Data

In a data-rich world, businesses and public organizations are managing data as a strategic asset to improve decision-making. We offer you the full spectrum of skills and knowledge you need to create business value from big data and other sources of quantitative information.

The program covers a unique mix of data analytics, computer science and business topics including programming, statistics with machine learning, big data and cloud computing, and data engineering. Complete your training with user case seminars, specialist courses on text mining, deep learning or agile project management, and a capstone consulting project with an industry partner.

Analyze and Act on Insights from Data

  • Use statistical analysis to find patterns and evaluate past and future business interventions
  • Write code, apply predictive analysis and models of causal analysis
  • Collect and parse data, and translate it into actionable insights
  • Get familiar with key tools, frameworks and platforms, and learn to implement processes in production
  • Manage a data-driven business and create knowledge from big data and other sources of quantitative information
  • Collaborate with software development specialists, quantitative analysts, and present your analysis in a clear and effective manner

Join a World-Class International Community

The MS in Business Analytics is ranked #1 in Central Europe and world #50 by QS Masters in Business Analytics Rankings. In economics, CEU is #151-200 by ARWU ShanghaiRanking and QS World University Rankings.

The Class of 2019 has 25 students from 8 countries. Among the world's most international universities, CEU brings together 1,448 students from 117 countries to exchange ideas in an open and dynamic community.

Boost Your Career

Budapest ranks among the EU’s fastest rising tech hubs and best places for expats. Firms competing for international talent include BlackRock, EPAM, GE, IBM, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, MSCI, Nokia and TCS.

Your degree can take you places. Join a global employer in a data science or management role. Work for a smaller firm in need of data collection and analytics expertise. Enter the booming analytics startup arena, and start a venture in our award-winning CEU InnovationsLab incubator. Study full-time or part-time. Enter a job or internship anytime, and switch from full-time to part-time if you land a full-time job. In 2017, 93% of full-time students landed a job within three months of graduation.

Partner Schools on Four Continents

Extend your studies free of tuition with an exchange trip. Go for a week or an entire semester. Partner schools include EBS in Germany, Emory in the U.S., ESSEC in France and Singapore, and Shanghai Jiao Tong in China.