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Advanced Certificate in Data Science
Program Description

The Advanced Certificate in Data Science is offered by the Department of Network and Data Science at CEU (CEU DNDS). Students will enroll and receive their PhD or MA degree in either the DNDS or other Departments at CEU. CEU DNDS offers a teaching scheme of data science-oriented quantitative methods courses to respond to the data science revolution. Specifically, this certificate is an advanced track teaching highly competitive and sophisticated skills in data science, with a special focus on applications to practical social problems.

Learning Outcomes

Students enrolled in the Data Science program will be able to use advanced empirical methods and theoretical approaches to address data-driven information in the social and economic sciences.  Either in an academic career or in a career in government or business, there is a definitive advantage for students with training in data science.

The main aims of this certificate program are:

1) to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are highly demanded in any field of the current job market; and

2) to increase learning and teaching efficiency by clarifying the structure of prerequisites in courses focusing on data science-oriented methods.

Program level
Advanced Certificate
Degree awarded
non-degree certificate
Program accreditation/registration
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Country of accreditation
United States
Standard Program duration
1 year (10 months)
US degree credits