Advanced Certificate in Ethics and Political Philosophy

Program level: 
Degree awarded: 
non-degree certificate
Country of accreditation: 
United States
Program accreditation/registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Standard Program duration: 
Type of degree: 
US degree credits: 
Start of the program : 
September 2021

Program Description

The Advanced Certificate in Ethics and Political Philosophy engages with the central problems in moral and political philosophy as they are generally understood and studied in contemporary philosophical works. It offers students a state-of-the art education in these subfields of philosophy, familiarizing them with the major theoretical approaches to these problems, enabling them to understand and engage with philosophical arguments on their own.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will acquire strong grounding in the central problems of contemporary moral and political philosophy, and the main theoretical approaches in these fields, such as utilitarianism and consequentialism, Kantianism and contractualism, virtue ethics, democratic theory, and the theory of justice. They will be able to independently understand, reconstruct, present, and critically evaluate arguments in moral and political philosophy. Students will enhance their analytical skills. The Advanced Certificate is optimal for students who plan to pursue doctoral studies in moral and political philosophy.