Advanced Certificate in Science Studies (On hiatus)

Program level: 
Degree awarded: 
non-degree certificate
Program registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program length: 
1 year (10 months)
CEU credits: 

Program Description

Science Studies is an examination of the interrelations between science and society which situates scientific knowledge and expertise in context. Its analysis aims to provide critical reflection on the intellectual, cultural, political, social, philosophical and historical currents shaping scientific ideas and technological developments. The Science Studies Program at CEU in an independent unit that facilitates students' studying and researching questions that relate science or technology to the scholarly issues of a traditional discipline in the social sciences or humanities. The Program allows students to obtain a certificate of concentration to supplement their MA or Ph.D. degree in one of CEU's existing degree programs. Through the Required Courses offered by the Program, students will learn to integrate perspectives drawn from the disciplines of history of science, sociology of science and philosophy of science. The activities of the Science Studies Program include seminar courses, public lectures, conferences, workshops and informal mentoring from faculty. Through such activities, students will become familiar with, and engage in, interdisciplinary dialogues taking place across the world that are currently seeking – with some urgency – to question the separation (and segregation) of the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities as distinct domains of knowledge production. The Program's elective courses cover a range of diverse topics dealing with the emergence of scientific paradigms specific to particular times and places, and involve the study of the particular agents, networks, scientific objects, practices, tools, rhetoric, and modes of vision/representation that come together to form different scientific milieux. Students are encouraged to select thesis and dissertation topics that reflect the interdisciplinary approach of the Program.