Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics and its Applications

Program level: 
Degree awarded: 
Country of accreditation: 
United States
Program accreditation/registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program registered as a non-degree post-graduate specialization program by the Hungarian Educational Authority (HEA)
Program length: 
3-6 years
Type of degree: 
US degree credits: 
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Program Description

Please note that the recruitment for this program is suspended.

The program offers an innovative curriculum encompassing both traditional mathematics and cuttingedge contemporary applications. It is designed to ensure that students acquire rigorous and state-ofthe-art knowledge and to offer research opportunities under expert supervision.

Mandatory Courses

Fall semester

M1. Topics in Algebra

M2. Topics in Analysis

Winter semester

M3. Topics in Combinatorics

M4. Topics in Topology and Geometry

Spring semester

Distinguished Lecture Series: Introduction to Modern Calculus of Variations; Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Fluid Mechanics

Entry Requirements for the Doctoral Program
In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements, applicants for the PhD program must submit a one-page statement describing their interest in mathematics, their achievements to date and their future goals. Applicants are expected to hold an MS or MSc with a major in mathematics or a related field such as physics, engineering or computer science. Applicants must have a solid mathematical background.