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Doctor of Juridical Science / Doctor iuris
Program Description

Doctoral programs at CEU are fully funded study programs with a standard duration of 4 years that award a US and an Austrian degree.

The Doctoral Program of the Department of Legal Studies offers a unique opportunity to conduct independent research, complete doctoral-level course work and gain experience with teaching and other academic activities. The Department of Legal Studies welcomes doctoral projects on topics pertaining to our research and teaching areas. Applicants holding a law degree and an additional master’s degree qualify for a Doctor of Juridical Science/Doctor iuris degree offered by the Department of Legal Studies.

The Doctoral Program aims to provide an opportunity to promising young scholars to conduct comparative research into a complex problem in comparative constitutional law, international business law or human rights which has both profound theoretical and practical relevance. Supervision for doctoral projects is provided by our international permanent and visiting faculty. In addition to conducting independent research, doctoral students benefit from doctoral courses, research grants enabling further research at renowned law schools or research institutions, opportunities for supervised teaching, and a wide range of other doctoral activities (such as conferences, workshops, summer schools).

Physical presence in Vienna is required, except for research periods abroad. The degree is awarded on the basis of completion of the credit requirements from course work and other doctoral activities, and the successful public defense of the doctoral thesis (dissertation) before a panel composed of internal and external experts.

Our doctoral graduates have been successful in obtaining post-graduate research positions and teaching appointments at leading academic institutions. We are also proud to have senior NGO and international law firm personnel among our doctoral alumni.

Entry Requirements

Applicants holding a law degree and an LL.M. degree are requested to visit the website of the Department of Legal Studies for further information on the Doctor of Juridical Science/Doctor iuris program.

Program level
Degree awarded
Program accreditation/registration
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Country of accreditation
United States
Type of degree
Standard Program duration
4 years
Start of the program
US degree credits
Austrian degree ECTS credits