Courses hosted by Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Vienna | 2020-2021 | Fall, Winter
Instructor: Guntra Aistara, Doctoral Students and Invited Guest speakers, supervisors
US Credits: 2
Vienna | 2020-2021 | Winter
Instructor: Zoltán Illés
US Credits: 2
Vienna | 2020-2021 | Fall
Instructor: Ruben Mnatsakanian, Zoltán Illés, Viktor Lagutov
US Credits: 1
Vienna | 2020-2021 | Spring
Instructor: Alan Watt, Viktor Lagutov, Aleh Cherp, Alexios Antypas, Michael LaBelle, Tamara Steger, László Pintér, Zoltán Illés, Brandon P. Anthony
US Credits: 2

Academic Year