Center for Network Science

The Center for Network Science at Central European University provides an organizational platform for research in network science, with a special forcus on applications to practical social problems.

Network science, as a maturing field, offers a unique perspective to tackle complex problems, impenetrable to linear-proportional thinking.  The concept of networks has come to pervade modern society – in our everyday experience we routinely use online social network services, we hear reports on the operation of terrorist networks, and we speculate on the six degrees of separation to celebrities and presidents. The science of networks is emerging as a scientific discipline that examines exactly these kinds of interconnections.  It aims at explaining complex phenomena at larger scales emerging from simple principles of making network links.

The Center for Network Science translates these ideas into research projects - faculty at the Center won several major grants, from European Union and US funding agencies. The Center also offers a Certificate PhD program, joint with other departments at CEU.