Center for Religious Studies

The Center for Religious Studies (CRS) is an academic forum at CEU fostering the study of religion. The mission of the center is to initiate and to coordinate research and to disseminate the results of research by mounting and fostering academic events, and publications that address religion-related questions in critical ways.
The CRS collaborates with CEU departments and academic units and is a hub of work in the Humanities. It crosses the borders of disciplines, confessional and geo-political categorizations, and covers periods from ancient to modern times. With an international advisory board and institutional contacts throughout the region and worldwide, the CRS provides an important site for academic research and communication.

The Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies, coordinated by the Center for Religious Studies, awards a non-degree certificate in Religious Studies to MA and PhD students enrolled in participating CEU departments. As part of their studies, participating students engage in the study of religious phenomena from a historical point of view, from Late Antiquity to modernity, and a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.

The Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies was launched in 2007 by the Center for Religious Studies (formerly the Religious Studies Program). Its diverse course offerings cover the three monotheistic religions, over a vast span of time, and from multidisciplinary perspectives. To this end, departments participate through their course offerings, including History, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Jewish Studies, Sociology and Social Anthropology, International Relations and European Studies.